Through hand made and hand lettered chalkboards you can experience the life-giving encouragement found in strong words!  Words shared with PURPOSE and TRUTH and BEAUTY "speak strong" to hearts and bring life and strength.  Perceive It Pretty chalkboards help us "speak strong" to ourselves and each other as we perceive strong truth in a pretty way. 


Our awareness, how we look out at the world, makes a big impact on our lives.  In our minds and hearts, the power of perception and the use of words can create such life and strength.  When I first started using my chalkboard I loved to draw out Bible verses or song lyrics that I felt brought encouragement to me.  Each time I glanced at my chalkboard I found that my perspective about my little world was being formed and strengthened by those little words.  

Perceive It Pretty Chalkboards are custom made.   Customers find inspiration in specific words and will order a chalkboard in hopes of having those inspirational words as art...whether as a gift for a friend or for themselves.  All chalkboards are custom made and are permanent pieces of art that will not smudge or wipe off.  Each chalkboard is hand drawn and then sealed and ready to display!   Chalkboards may be shipped within the United States for the cost of USPS shipping per order.



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