A Blank Slate...

blank slate


  • : someone or something that is still in an original state and that has not yet been changed by people, experiences, etc.

  • : something that does not show or express anything

As I packed up our Christmas decorations this week, I imagined next year and wondered at how much life might change between now and then, when I will be excitedly unpacking Christmas again. The new year is quickly approaching and all things of 2015 are coming to a close. A year holds so much...work, play, memories and CHANGES.

This time last year I stepped away from a part time job that had come to fill a lot of my life and time. When I layed it down, I so hoped of finding peace and family time and healing. During my final weeks of work, we sang a fun song by Rend Collective that has this line: "The dark is just a canvas for Your grace and brightness...

You're the song You're the song of our hearts." I loved those lyrics and felt that they described the power of a "God With Us" at Christmas time who could bring joy even in the midst of the transition we were in. Over the course of the year, the Lord has taught me more and more about how He has grace and brightness to shine in dark places and how He is the song of my heart! But over this past month He has also shown me another beautiful picture that the song reveals to me...He has given me dark canvases...chalkboards...and His grace and brightness shine with strength and power in the words that are written on them! What beautiful redemption! Though my mouth has not been regularly singing the song of my heart, my heart has been expressing the song of my heart through the many words written on these dark canvases. It brings me such hope and joy to look back over the year and to see that the dark of the unknown was just a canvas for His grace and brightness.

It is with this same hope that I look ahead. I start now with a blank slate...a dark canvas...awaiting His expressions and grace and brightness to be written on my life. These are the beginning stages of a new year, with a story still yet to unfold, but what beautiful art God has to write upon our lives. With each chalkboard I make throughout this coming year, I pray that it will be another extension of this grace and brightness that God brings to dark canvases.

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